Traveling during Coronavirus

Do you need to travel while the Coronavirus is spreading ? Business aviation meets your demand for private flights during the COVID-19.

Discover the benefits of private aviation during Covid-19…


In order to cope with the spread of the coronavirus in Europe and the danger it represents for the health of their travelers, airlines have immobilized numerous planes or stopped their flights to certain destinations

If digital alternatives such as conference calls were able, for a while, to take over from trips, physical meetings to create and develop new projects, inspect a production unit or even sign an important contract involve travels. Human contact remains essential to revive business activity.

To get by with this decrease in commercial flights, FlyEurop offers you adapted solutions in private flights to meet your travel needs and avoid as much as possible contacts with people likely to be carriers of the virus.

Private aviation guarantees you to :

  • Be alone on the plane and thus preventing contamination by other passengers ;
  • Access the plane via private terminals, avoiding any passage through commercial terminals ;
  • Use small airports less visited and closer to your destinations.
  • Travel in cleaned planes to ensure maximum safety ;
  • Return in the same day, thus avoiding any stay in hotels.

At FlyEurop, we provide you with a private plane that fits your needs safely. Our team monitors the progress of the coronavirus and keeps themselves informed daily of new aviation regulations across Europe.

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